Generations Really Do See Things Differently—Even When It Comes to Employee Benefits

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How Each Generation Views Employee Benefits

It’s not unusual these days to have Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Zers all working together at the same company. It’s also no secret that these different age groups sometimes struggle because of varying work styles and priorities. Boomers often see those putting in long hours as those working the hardest, whereas Millennials and Gen Zers view working fewer hours as a sign of solid productivity and good time management. In addition, working from home is seen by younger employees as no different than working at the office, while Boomers may view it as not really working.

But what about employee benefits? Do the different generations really want different things even when it comes to benefits?

In short, YES. And as an employer, it is vital to take the generational makeup of your workforce into account when determining the employee benefits strategy for your company. The strategy can account for both the company’s goals in offering employee benefits in the first place and can also accurately reflect the population it will serve.

Gen Z

The Gen Zers are the youngest members of the workforce now, and they are also the largest generation in the U.S. They are tech-savvy and have never known life without the internet. They prefer digitized everything and tend to despise paper. They also view tele-health as an expected mode of healthcare, not something cutting edge. As a result, Gen Zers want access to everything at their fingertips. They want online enrollment, online access to healthcare, and online claims processing.


Millennials are also very comfortable with technology and will appreciate many of the same tools as Gen Zers, but they also value choice. They prefer to pick and choose which benefits they want. Millennials appreciate enrollment tools that allow them to easily compare and view all of their options and their cost.

Gen X

Many Gen Xers are caring for two generations themselves—their children and their parents. They value convenience and don’t want to waste any time figuring out how their employee benefits work. Tools to help navigate their benefits choices are valuable to this group. Gen Xers are also more likely to visit the doctor than their younger counterparts and look for plans with large networks.

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are the oldest of the group and typically utilize healthcare services the most frequently. Sometimes they are also the highest earners and want the richest plans. At the same time, they are often looking towards retirement and appreciate any vehicle that allows them to save additional dollars for the future. Baby Boomers also value relationships with medical professionals and other advisors. They appreciate having access to high-touch resources and not just clicking a button.

Simplify Employee Benefits Planning with benefEx

Each generation brings its own unique and important assets to the table in the workforce. So, it’s essential to include their unique needs when it comes to employee benefits. An experienced benefits consultant will help make this achievable. Contact benefEx today to see how we can help you!