Telehealth Services: A Huge Plus for Employees

Telehealth Services: A Huge Plus for Employees

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What is Telehealth? Decoding Your Available Telehealth Services

What is telehealth? This type of coverage is a broad subject that includes a subset of health care referred to as telemedicine. At its core, telemedicine involves a clinician delivering off-site medical care to a patient remotely—for example, by speaking on a telephone, via webinar, or through a one-to-one video online.

Telehealth services, the broad subject of electronic health information delivery, have been around for a several years now. Telemedicine as a subset has experienced a great deal of refinement recently from having such a huge increase in users during the COVID19 crisis. As a result, many of us have now had our own telemedicine experiences, and we now have more understanding of the value of this benefit.

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Top Benefits of Offering Telehealth Services

Telehealth services save time and money for your employees in a big way. Following are broad areas where telehealth benefits your employees and your company. These can help increase employee satisfaction and aide in the recruitment process, as well when working with potential new hires.

Parents Juggling Children with Work Time

Parents may alleviate hauling all their children to a doctor’s office when only one of the children needs a clinical consultation. For parents who work, any way they can care for their children and save valuable time is a plus they’ll appreciate.

Employees Sick Time

With telehealth services, staff can easily choose to be away from work less frequently by having their appointment online during a lunch break, for example. In terms of employee engagement, employees will feel more supported when you offer a flexible plan including virtual doctor’s visits.

Incidental Fees

Patients incur expenses we don’t always consider when going to see a doctor. For example, there may be a parking fee for the appointment, depending on where the doctor’s office is located. Parking and other transportation fees can be eliminated by offering and using telehealth services.

Explore Telehealth Services and Plans with benefEx

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