Telehealth Services See Rise in Wait Times Due to COVID-19

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How Telehealth Services Have Been Impacted By the Pandemic

Both usage and wait times for live telehealth services have increased significantly in recent months. This increase is directly in line with COVID-19 expanding across the United States and varied strains of coronavirus surfacing. The wave of increased virtual healthcare usage also correlates with the virus moving and evolving across our nation.

In early 2020, at the start of the pandemic, telehealth services suddenly became the new normal for healthcare. According to this McKinsey and Company report, the use of telehealth in July 2021 was at a level 38 times higher than prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that telehealth has become widely adopted, the rise in wait times is requiring the healthcare industry to adjust once again.

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Wait Times Are Changing the Way Telehealth Services Are Delivered

Advantages of telehealth are numerous for both patient and provider. The ability to stay home for an appointment has far less potential for exposure to covid and other contagious illnesses like the flu and even the common cold than if they were being seen in person in a doctor’s office. Since telehealth has become more commonplace, patients are seeing changes in virtual waiting room management. To combat increased wait-time frustration, the industry has increased communications with patients while they are waiting.

Healthcare Messaging Acknowledges a Rise in Wait Times and Gratitude for Patience

  • Here’s what each one of us may experience in virtual waiting rooms in 2022:
    “We understand you are experiencing longer wait times, and we appreciate your continued patience. When it is time to join the waiting room, you will receive an email/text.”(Or)
  • “We are caring for an unusually high volume of people seeking medical care due to COVID-19. Please complete this online coronavirus risk assessment to move forward.”

Learn More About Offering Telehealth Services to Your Employees

As an employer that understands the value of employee utilization of the benefits you provide, it is important to recognize that changes in wait times may affect your employees. Your company’s insurance choices can be a win-win for your employees and your business when everyone is on the same page. Contact us today to get your questions answered by industry-leading experts!