The Perks of Paperless Benefits

The Perks of Paperless Benefits

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Paperless Benefits: Introducing Digital Benefits Enrollment

Is your benefits advisor still giving you and your employees endless forms and handing out tons of paper that no one really reads? It might be time to consider an approach that seamlessly integrates with your benefits strategy and eliminates the need for files, folders, and paper. At one time, online benefits management was only available to large corporations but now groups of almost any size can take advantage of paperless enrollment and online benefits access.

At benefEx, we provide online enrollment for our PReACTIVE INSIGHT® clients. This simplifies benefit elections and allows employees to enroll from anywhere they can access the internet, even using a cell phone. Employees can also compare plans, coverage levels, and cost instantly. Our clients don’t have to track down forms, and status updates are always available. This simplifies the annual enrollment process for the employer, alleviating their HR burden and providing digitized employee information that’s easy to access and update, as needed.

Advantages for Employees and Employers

The advantages of online enrollment and paperless benefits are enormous. Here are some of the ways a digital experience delivers a better overall benefits experience for both employees and employers:

  • Speedy implementation. A web-based platform requires far less time to establish and get up and running.
  • Decrease mistakes. Since the need for manual entry is reduced, mistakes also decrease.
  • Increase participation and employee satisfaction. Employees are more likely to enroll in plans when it is easy to do so and when the benefits and costs are clearly illustrated on the spot.

benefEx provides a fully customized online enrollment portal for each of our PReACTIVE INSIGHT® clients tailored to their specific benefit offerings. Employees receive direct email communication from the portal, advising them of their online enrollment eligibility and linking them to their employer’s unique portal. They are then prompted to provide or confirm any pertinent information such as dependents, beneficiaries, or basic demographics. The portal walks them through the entire election process.

Benefit descriptions and summaries are built right into the benefEx portals and allow employees the opportunity to either electronically download or print hard copies of the information available in the portal. Employees can also log back into the portal at any time to access that same information. This provides a built-in benefits education for employees. Employees have all the information right at their fingertips to understand the benefits offered and decide what is best for their needs. Employers can access that same information at any time, making answering employee questions much easier.

Discover Paperless Benefits with benefEx

benefEx makes the convenience of digital enrollment readily available to small businesses. With completely customized online plan administration, employers have the specific experience that’s right for their plans and company. Contact benefEx to learn how to provide your employees with a soup-to-nuts online benefits experience.