Your NJ Health Insurance Plans Checklist

Your NJ Health Insurance Plans Checklist

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The success of a benefits package is judged by how significantly employees make use of those benefits. That is why employee satisfaction needs to be the focus when choosing the best health insurance plan for your company.

Your company might be able to more effectively provide benefits to your staff and spend less money doing so. Headquartered in Florham Park, NJ, but servicing clients throughout the USA, benefEx can help. Here is a solid starting point checklist for selecting the best health insurance in NJ or in another state:

How to Choose the Best NJ Health Insurance Plans for Employees

1. Know what is important to your employees.

By assessing both your business culture and employee attitudes, you can work towards designing a benefit package that meets the needs of employees and makes the most of your company’s investment. Through employee surveys, you can determine what is most important to your staff regarding benefits and then work to tailor your employee offerings accordingly.

2. Ask questions to help you focus on employee satisfaction.

  • Is it essential that your company covers all of your employee’s premiums, or just a percentage?
  • Do you want to offer coverage for dependents?
  • Do you want to offer ancillary benefits such as group life, dental and vision care?
  • For health, should employees have multiple plan options to choose from?

3. Decide how long you want new employees to wait before they are eligible.

30 and 60 days are the most common waiting periods for coverage, though the wait can be as long as 90 days. As your company changes its goals over the years, the eligibility date may change too. Companies that are recruiting in a very competitive industry may want to have the shortest waiting period possible for benefits to entice a new hire.

Let benefEx Help You Choose Your Company’s Benefits—In NJ & Beyond!

At benefEx, we are industry leaders with decades of experience in the insurance business. For hands-on help with choosing the best health insurance in NJ or any other state across the country, contact us online or call us at (973) 740-2500 to consult with our team. We’re here to help!